Kmart Gamer Post: Kid Friendly Games You Might Not Hate Playing

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When you cross that line from gamer to gaming parent there are certain issues with which you have to deal. The big one? Keeping your toddler from seeing you pop a dude’s head like an overripe watermelon. By my estimation–and experience–you have about a year before you have to reconsider your choice of games so get those games in while you can and get ready for most of your “real” gaming to happen once the kids are asleep.

A lot of those “kid friendly” games you’re going to encounter are going to suck your soul from your body, run it through a meat grinder, toss it in the microwave for ten minutes, wash it in cold water and then give it back to you three sizes too small and not looking all that fresh. The list below might keep you from hating every minute you spend with a game that might be appropriate for children.

The 2d Adventures of Rotating Octopuis CharacterThe 2d Adventures of Rotating Octopuis Character
I do not enjoy this game. In fact, it drives me pretty crazy with rage. The stupid octopus bounces around and I can’t control it very well but my kids love it. Since I hate The 2D Adventures of Rotating Octopus Character, I force my husband to play it. That way I get the best of both worlds: quiet kids and the¬†opportunity to make fun of my husband for sucking so much at a game.


Castle CrashersCastle Crashers
Here is one of those games that could go either way on the “kid friendly” scale. I have a four year old and two year old and they love this game. It’s cartoon violence and maybe I’m more permissive about the violence since I play video games but I obviously don’t have a problem with this game. Give it a play and see what you think. It’s a heck of a lot of fun.

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