I Have a New Post Up At Kmart Gamer About Hidden Springs for The Sims 3

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If you’re a lover of The Sims 3, might I suggest you peruse my most recent post at Kmart Gamer?

“Would people be willing to pay such a premium for a world when they have a new one coming with Pets?

As someone who still sticks with Sunset Valley, I wasn’t sure if I would be willing to take such a gamble if I wasn’t getting the world for free. However, Hidden Springs is better than what I’m used to playing. And before you mention Riverview and Barnacle Bay, I have both of them and don’t play either of them. Sunset Valley has just always been the hood I’ve hung out in.

Things might change now that I have Hidden Springs–I still want to call it Hidden Valley.”

Hidden Springs Fishing

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