Sparkly Crotch and a Dance Fight

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It’s not a good idea to drink two big cans of NOS about an hour before you plan on going to sleep.

Glass of water

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Trust me.

Alot. [That’s a link to a tweet I posted which led to a rather lengthy Twitter discussion revolving around people’s mutual hatred of “a lot” spelled “alot.” It’s kind of like an inside joke. I’ve never really had an inside joke with anyone so I’m feeling pretty special except now I guess it’s not an inside joke since you know about it. BALLS!]

Another thing that’s not a good idea is to stress over not sleeping since that keeps you from sleeping. Kinda like when you stress about having an orgasm and then you can’t¬†have an orgasm? Just like that.

At some point I drifted off to sleep and dreamed I was at some blogging conference and my skirt was too big and kept falling off so I had to go to the hotel’s thrift store–don’t ask me why a five star hotel had a thrift store–to buy some jeans for some fancy cocktail party. All of the jeans were ala 1980 something and they didn’t have a size big enough for me so I had to buy dude jeans and the fly was beaded with some sparkly fake Indian–feather not dot–beadwork.

Yeah. Random even for me.

Speaking of random, the apartment ‘inspection” lasted all of three minutes. So instead of it being like a trip to the¬†gynecologist, it was more like getting all psyched up for an after school fight in the parking lot and then the other dude doesn’t show up. Not that I ever got in a fight in school. But I have heard of them on after school specials and such.

During this odd sparkly crotch dream, I kept dreaming about water. Water, water everywhere and I was thirsty as hell. Actually, there wasn’t any water in my dream. I just kept dreaming about wanting water. I don’t know either.

By this morning I had been up at least five times to chug water. Strangest dream in quite a while. Wonder what it all means?

I’m pretty sure it’s my subconscious telling me I’m awesome.