I Wrote This At Kmart Gamer: Shout It From the Rooftops Review: You Must Buy Skyrim

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This Kmart Gamer post might interest you if you like to play video games.

If you DON’T like to play video games…actually, if you don’t like to READ about video games then you’re not going to want to keep reading and I’m pretty surprised you’ve gotten THIS far so, bravo! Not that I’m implying you can’t read.

I mean “Bravo!” you’ve read this far since I’m writing about video games and you don’t like reading about video games you just like to PLAY video games.

Oh, whatever.

Look right.Read this stuff instead!

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragon Mountains Review

The draw of an Elder Scrolls game is the immersive element and by “immersive” I mean you willingly give up years months days of your life and you like it.

You ask for more.

You should probably seek help from a mental health professional but you don’t have the time; you’re happily playing your game.

If that willingness to ignore all things unrelated to an Elder Scrolls game is the yardstick by which you’re measuring Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim then Bethesda has done one hell of a job.

Elder Scrolls Skyrim Dragon Fight

These guys just show up and kick much ass. And by “kick much ass” I really mean that their going to burn your ass but it looks cool when they do and you almost won’t mind being turned to charcoal. Almost.

Six dragons have been confirmed by Todd Howard [2:48] as well as “named” dragons. Does that mean I can have a pet dragon? That would be sweet! I haven’t encountered a named dragon yet and that makes me sad…

IF you don’t die and the dragon does, you’ll absorb the dragon’s soul since you’re Dragonborn and the last one, might I add. And you have to save the world and stuff.

Easy peasy.

The first change you’ll encounter from previous Elder Scrolls installments is that you don’t choose a specific class. You choose a race and then your specialization is determined by how you play the actual game. With each new level, you’re also granted a perk point to allocate as you see fit. Put it towards whatever skills you’re improving via how you’re playing the game or round out your character. The choice is yours.

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