I Am Alive Looks Like Crap Now

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I Am Alive Ubisoft gameI’ve been following I Am Alive since I saw the initial announce trailer back in ’08. I’ve written about this on Kmart Gamer but I didn’t get into what I really wanted to get into which is the art direction.

This is BY FAR my favorite quote from my Kmart Gamer post:

I didn’t hear anything about the game for a long time and since I have the attention span of a lobotomized chimpanzee on meth, I completely forgot about the game. And then, there’s the announcement that the I Am Alive’s coming to PSN and XBLA.

Here’s the E3 ’08 announce:

I get that the ’08 trailer was concept. It’s job was to get folks excited and stir up the dust a bit; it totally worked for me. Unless your plan is to blow smoke up people’s asses and create distrust toward not only the game but also the company, the general art direction, mechanics and story should be set by the time that announce is released.

Read that last sentence again because there was a whole lot of blowing going on from Ubisoft.

Since there had been little to no information about I Am Alive in two years, I can only assume this E3 ’10 video from Ubisoft was them wanting to assure people that the game wasn’t actually dead. The look is similar to the original E3 video but with, what looks like, a bit of actual gameplay tossed in for good measure. And it looks like a PS2 game.

This is when I noticed the art direction changing and I wasn’t happy. Darkworks had the project until 2010 at which time, Ubisoft moved the project in-house and shifted it to Ubisoft Shanghai. The protagonist has been made older. The environment made darker and grittier. Silent Hill, anyone?

More PS2 looking graphics…maybe even Playstation graphics? It’s like they took grainy to a level it should never been taken and then “sharpened” it to the point of no return. What sucks is the story has gotten more interesting but the look of it has gotten worse.

From CES 12:

What do you think? Was the direction Darkworks was going just not working for the game? It was a PC game, originally…maybe Ubisoft wanted to cut some corners? What’s with the ridiculous lag on release? Like the newer stuff or the original direction?

I guess the main question is: will you buy this game?