On Sunday, I…

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just chilled.

By “chilled” I mean I let my dough chill. Now you’re officially confused. That’s what I do. Not necessarily the bringer of awesome but definitely the bringer of confusion.

I’ve been saying for quite a while now that I was going to make “chicken pizza” and the kids love both chicken and pizza and, therefore, the idea of having chicken AND pizza TOGETHER just about blew their small, baby brains.

The problem was I wanted a yeast crust and I wanted it cold fermented. Don’t question the genius, folks. Just roll with it.

The other problem–problem 1B–is that cold fermentation takes time and I don’t like to wait. There’s the reason why I’ve been failing at motherhood with regards to “chicken pizza” and other stuff.

I chose Sunday as the day to create my pizza dough.

Since I don’t own a stand mixer, I had to “knead” the dough, by hand, for 15 minutes. That’s how I broke one of my favorite spatulas. Dude was a silicone monster I’ve had for years; I thought he was immortal. Apparently not.

Cold fermented pizza dough breaks silicone spatula.

Broke it in half!

Once I removed the broken spatula, disposed of it, and settled the dough in for long, refrigerated sleep, I started on my braided, egg bread. Each time I make it, I mess with it some and work to improve on a family favorite.

I made challah a couple of days ago and decided to grab some inspiration from that since this egg bread is close to challah but not as sweet and without as many eggs or oil.

The challah:

Challah bread

The crust was so slick it would slide out of your hand.

I upped the eggs in the “egg bread” from two to four and added cold fermentation–I’m obsessed, folks!–and an extra round of egg wash for the varnish of the challah. I wanted the texture of both breads, the varnish of the challah but not the sweetness.

Rethought egg bread:

Braided egg bread

This picture correctly illustrates just how badly I need a larger cookie sheet.

This is where the finished bread picture should live. Finished bread that’s fresh from the oven. Oops.

Challah like egg bread

We ate some of it and it was good.

The extra eggs didn’t add anything to the bread and the extra coat of egg wash didn’t yield anything amazing so more messing is required.

Naked chicken!

Seasoned chicken before baking.

My chicken says, "Bite me!" but I wouldn't because of the risk of Salmonella.

Word of wisdom here, folks: if you’re using a seasoning salt on your chicken, make sure you season the bird before you put it in your roasting contraption. BECAUSE, when you roast the sucker at 450° for an hour, you’re going to have a LOT of smoke. Just a warning.

And, baby lettuce!

Lettuce shoots

It's like lettuce but a lot cuter!