The Kids’ Gardens Win the Garden Sprouting Contest

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One of the things I was most excited about when I planned on starting a garden was getting the kids involved.

Caroline and Oliver will eat vegetables but both kids would much rather the vegetables be covered in cheese and, while cheese IS quite yummy, the cheese tends to cancel out the healthful benefits of the vegetables.

In an effort to foster this excitement for gardening and the growing process, I made each of the kids their own “gardens.”

I’m not sure how big the pots ended up being but they both contain the same thing: the mixed flower free pack that came with our seed collection, the rainbow swiss chard and some dahlias.

It’s official. The kids’ plants are the first to sprout.

Mystery Sprout Kids' Vegetable Garden

It's a sprout. A mystery sprout.

Rainbow Swiss Chard Sprout Kids' Vegetable Garden

Rainbow Swiss Chard in Ollie's Garden

My peppers and tomatoes take a bit longer to “pop out” than the rainbow swiss chard and I had an issue with too much water and some mold.

Pretty sure I fixed that with some awesome Amy ingenuity:

Cooling racks below the seed starting pots.

I don't use those cooling racks that much anyway.

Chopstick to hold open the lid in seed starter

Tucker came up with the chopstick idea...

Plastic tote seed starting

With a little luck, we might just have the start of a garden.