Cara Turned Blue!

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What do you do when your kid turns blue?

You freak out, right?

We had errands to run and we all needed showers so I figured we’d kill three birds with one shower…or something. Imagine my surprise when Cara hopped in the shower and looked like she had a blue tan.

Violet Beauregarde turns blue.

So maybe she wasn’t THIS bad but this was what I kept thinking about. Actually, I kept thinking about this one since the first Wonka is the only Wonka for me:

Vintage Willy Wonka Violet Beauregarde Gif

Cara turned blue.

After about 15 minutes in the shower.


I tried to scrub the blue off of Cara.

The bad part was I forgot my bar soap had “exfoliators” so her stomach turned an interesting shade of purple.

Her legs were cold–which freaked me out even more since blue and cold are a bad pair on a person–but she and Ollie had been playing outside and it was chilly. Cara was acting fine. In fact, she seemed a bit annoyed I kept interrupting her shower playtime. I called Cara’s pediatrician, was told to just “watch her” and to take Cara to the ER if she started acting funny.

What was weird–other than the fact that she was blue–was the fact that the undies she had been wearing, which started out white, were now blue and her sheets, which are pink and white striped, were kind of blue.

After much back and forth, Tucker and I figure she wore something that rubbed off on her. Cara’s developed this habit of changing clothes a million times a day so there’s a very good chance she changed into something after she had gone to bed and then changed back out of it.

Cara’s almost blueless. Finally.

Is anyone really surprised one of my kids managed to dye themselves blue?