My Seedlings Can Eat Your Seedlings’ Brains…If They Have Brains Which Would Be Scary As Hell

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My peas and scarlet runner beans have shamed me into admitting that, when the package says to “direct sow”, I shouldn’t ignore the instructions and start the seeds inside.

The reason? Cause the fuckers will TAKE OVER.

Every day, I’d take the seed container down and check if more seeds had sprouted and the kids would get so excited. Finally, on the day the first two pictures below were taken, I needed to pull some of the seedlings. I picked each little pack of nonsoil up and weeded the seedlings down to one per pod.

Then I got to the peas and the scarlet runner beans.

The first two pictures were taken on March 21st.

Peas and red runner beans aggressively growing.

They tried to eat the other plants.

I have three pea plants and three scarlet runner beans and all six plants had started to encroach upon their neighbors. As I started extracting the plants, I had to break roots off just so I could get everything loose.

Peas and red runner beans on March 21st.

We couldn't find a ruler so Rapunzel had to do.

These two pictures were taken on March 26th.

One of the pea plants on March 26th.

Where's the Rapunzel book when you need it?!

Scarlet runner bean getting huge.

The scarlet runner beans should dial back on the showing off.

Apparently we have mutant plants.