Enjoying Spring

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One of the best things about having this house is having the yard.

Now that the kids have a swing set/fort/castle/whatever Cara decides to call it and Ollie agrees and then disagrees and then they fight, the kids are spending a lot more time out in said yard.

This is me weeping tears of joy.

This is also me buying stock in sunscreen companies since Cara had her first, official sunburn. I’m not used to this concept since I’ve only been burned a few times. Cara and I definitely don’t have the same skin type.

Lesson learned: apply lots of sunscreen before girl goes out to swing.

I’m sure the new will wear off but right now it’s great to see the kids swinging on their bellies–pretty sure that’s somewhere in the kid DNA–and playing Rapunzel. Cara never lets Ollie play Rapunzel and it makes him sad.

I’ll take this for as long as it lasts.