For Posterity Not Posteriority Or We Registered Cara for Kindergarten

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Yesterday was one of those days parents are supposed to remember and reminisce about as they’re sending their kid off to college or maybe watching them be walked down the aisle.

Or something.

That’s why I’m writing this. So I won’t forget. To win against the memory monster because I know I’ll forget this day if I don’t write it down.

Yesterday we registered Cara for kindergarten.

Kindergarten paperwork

The permanent record IS REAL! Ack!

Cara crowded me when I was filling out all of the necessary forms and I was short with her–lots of times–since I was so paranoid about messing up the PERMANENT RECORDS. My penmanship is passable, at best, and years of typing everything hasn’t done anything to help the situation.

Oh the pressures of a permanent record and she hasn’t even started school!

The weather held until we got home which was great except it was hotter than a two-headed snake in Hades.

Then the wind started and the driving rain. The whole thing was short lived and we were rewarded with this:

After the storm

and then this:

Warning Double Rainbow sign

Double rainbow!

I guess yesterday held too much awesome since this is what the kids looked like this morning:

Cara this morning.

Not amused.

Ollie this morning

Not amused either.

My song for today:

And I have no clue why I titled this that. Just go with it.