This Has Been My Week [Gif Heavy YAY!]

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Anytime you read something where I say I’m NEVER GOING TO do something or where I say I’m GOING TO do something, just know I’m full of shit. Case in point? When I wrote that I was going to stop breaking up fights between Cara and Ollie.

Let me clarify.

It’s not that I necessarily mean to lie; I have good intentions. However, my follow-through kind of sucks.

All of that basically means this

Daniel LaRusso vs. Johnny Lawrence

which almost always turns into this

kung fu bathroom fight

and I’m all like

owl blinking

then Ollie’s all like

caterpillar screaming

and Cara’s all like

and I want to be like this

stop sign storm gif

but I’m probably more like this

and then I

break it up cat dog gif

and then they

the nanny cry gif

and this is how I feel at the end of it all

fuck my life fml gif

This has been my week.