Cara Lost Two Teeth in Two Days

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I remember the day before kindergarten picture day I had a loose top tooth and it was ready to come out. I pulled the first and having that second sitting there messed with my young sense of symmetry and I sat in front of my mirror and wiggled that second front tooth until it was ready to come out and come picture day, I was less two front teeth.

Mom swears she wasn’t mad but I still believe she was seething. Maybe I’m wrong, Mom. It wouldn’t be the first time.

And apparently I planned on saving up my teeth so the Tooth Fairy would have to bring me lots of money; I was wise beyond my years.

One of Cara’s bottom teeth had been ready to come out for quite some time but, since it wasn’t messing with her permanent teeth, we let her keep it since she freaked anytime we suggested pulling the thing. All we asked her to do was to wiggle the loose teeth everyday. The novelty of the whole thing wore off quick and I had to remind her to wiggle the teeth.

“Do you want to have the dentist pull it? Cause that’s what’s going to happen if it doesn’t come out on its own.”


Ghetto Baby Beauty Queen

and then me

The Lord is Testing Me

As Tucker was brushing Cara’s teeth, I noticed one of the loose teeth was sitting just a bit…off. Tucker convinced Cara to stand still while he looked.


Quinn Fabray glee gif

But wouldn’t you know it? The tooth fell right out with hardly any blood and Cara was all like

Tenth Doctor Who Excited

Then Tucker and I were totally

The Fuck? Aladdin gif

because Cara had freaked out for so long and to such a degree we were certain we’d end up making a special dentist appointment.

The Tooth Fairy¬†left four quarters under Cara’s pillow and Tucker and I were quite proud of our treachery.

So that next morning when Cara put something in my hand and said, “Look, MOM! I PULLED THE SECOND ONE!” this reaction was completely warranted.

Adorable Fuzzy Puppy Gif

Like Tucker said, “The first tooth felt all magical and stuff but it’s like she didn’t give us a chance to recover!”

Jenna Marbles Mothafucka

Tucker and I just had an argument over who exactly was supposed to be saying, “Mothafucka.” [1]Was it him in response to Cara’s need to loose every damn tooth in her mouth in a short amount of time or was it a general consensus among the members of the family.

Tucker says it’s comic relief.

At ANY RATE, Cara is now down two teeth and she talks kinda funny and it’s so strange to see her missing those two teeth since those are the first two she ever grew.

What? Does she get her period next?

  1. [1]He approved the gif, BTW. I asked him before I added it into the post.