Diary Entry 7.31.12

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Yesterday sucked.

The end.

everything sucks

For the most part it’s still Cara and when she reads this in a couple of years, she’ll understand just how awesome her parents are for letting her live that long.


When I was younger, I never bought into that whole “Respect your elders,” thing. That makes me a very bad Southerner.

haters gonna hate

I just always held that respect was earned. That and I always saw adults as equals. Maybe that came from me being an only child or something. Who knows?

Cara is the exact way. What does that mean for our daily interaction?

Joseph Gordon-Levit smashing plates

She’s started this growling thing and clenching her teeth and her hands and shaking a bit. Wonder if she realizes just how crazy that makes her look? I’m well aware of the fact it’s an act. Especially since she will growl every so often once she finally does what we tell her to do.

Cara’s making Ollie look like an angel. That’s all kinds of screwed up. Have we forgotten about the post where I was scared of dude? He’s gotten better and looks great when his behavior is compared to hers.

Tucker’s car turned lame last night and he had to limp it to Walmart to get new tires. We also had to buy groceries so we killed two birds with one stone and all that jazz. When Tucker finally made it to Walmart I had gotten so damn tired of Cara’s attitude that I put her in Tucker’s cart and went on with my shopping.

cary grant get out

Later we had to take Tucker back to Walmart so he could pick up his car. Cara was determined to stay at the house. She’s five. Not happening. She argued for quite a while until we finally hollered at her to get in the car. She stomped off toward the garage growling and, as she passed me, threw her hand out like she was going to hit me.

Sofia Vergara Modern Family Look

This was Tucker and me once Tucker made it back home.

Go to sleep already

Today has been better but we’ve only conquered half the day.

Let’s hope the day doesn’t go downhill from here.

begging gif