Cara’s Official Letter from the Tooth Fairy

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Tuesday I picked Cara up from school minus a front tooth.

She had pulled it in the bathroom–and didn’t even cry–and then promptly lost the thing.

This put Tucker and me in a spot since we didn’t have a tooth for the “Tooth Fairy” to retrieve and then replace with money.

Wednesday was Cara’s class’s book fair day. Tucker and I decided the best course of action would be to have the Tooth Fairy tell Cara the Tooth Fairy couldn’t give Cara money since Cara lost the money but Cara should buy a book.

Note from Tooth Fairy

The next morning, Cara was annoyed at the lack of cash but seemed excited about getting a book.

When I picked her up from school that afternoon, Cara skipped to the car carrying her tooth safely zipped up in a sandwich bag.

We officially had a problem.

Cara had gotten the book from the Tooth Fairy even though Cara didn’t have the tooth. Now she had the tooth and the kid was looking for her payday.

Tucker’s response:

Official letter from the Tooth Fairy

Click twice for a much bigger version.

With the letter, Cara got a dime and two pennies. She didn’t even look at the letter but she was overjoyed by the change.

Hotel Transylvania facepalm