But We Have 248 Diapers!

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This weekend, my in-laws went to Sams Club and bought us a butt load of diapers.  [248 to be exact.]


Tucker and I discussed the whole toilet training thing and poo-pooed the idea of introducing it before Oliver is born.  We figured that the second she saw a new baby in diapers then she’d be all like, “What about my diaper?  I wanna wear a diaper again.  Toilet training?  Never heard of it.  Now, back to the issue of me not having a diaper on my ass.”  [But she wouldn’t say ass…I added that for effect.]

But, we did agree that when we go to Millington next weekend, we’ll head to Babysrus, pick a couple of “Amy and Tucker approved” potty chairs and then let Cara make her grand choice.

Well, I spent thirty minutes in the bathroom with Cara yesterday because she grabbed my finger and started saying, “pee pee”.

No pee pee was ever found and lots of playing with the toilet and toilet paper ensued.  But from what I’ve read, this is a step in the “pee pee on the potty” direction.

This should be a crazy ride: a toddler dead set on toilet training NOW and a newborn.

Bring it on.