Making Progress

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We went to the OB yesterday for my weekly visit.

My doc got to meet my vagina which is always a fun experience and I must say that he has to be the most efficient “checker” I’ve ever met.  [The whole thing lasted less than 15 seconds.]

Apparently I’m 1-2 cm dilated but Oliver’s head is still floating around a bit.  BUT, he is in the “head down” position which makes life much easier on everyone involved.

Come next week, Mr. OB and I will have a heart-to-heart on when to schedule my section if I don’t go into spontaneous labor.  Since I’m going the VBAC route, induction isn’t an option other than amniotomy.  And, since my OB doesn’t want to run into a situation where I’m still prego at 43 weeks, he has to make sure that he has an OR booked in case things don’t go the way that I have them planned.

Now, to clear up something.

I’ve bitched ad nauseum about my desire for this child to be born AFTER the 7th of September because of our psuedo vacation plans.

Since I’ve never come right out and said this, I shall say it now.

If Oliver decides to be born today and it means that I avoid an unwanted surgery then I’m all for it.  The point is to have a healthy kid and mom at the end of all of this bullshit.  But, I totally reserve the right to be mildly annoyed at my lack of pseudo vacation.