The Christmas Spirit in Me

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There’s nothing like Walmart right before Christmas to put me in a thoroughly crappy mood.

We had a couple of presents left to buy and we were out of milk.  Since we had to go to Walmart for the presents, we braved the horrid place [against my better judgement].  If you’re not from the South then the first thing you need to know about Walmart is that Walmart is the place where the “young folk” congregate.  I too was guilty of this when I was in college and might have gone to Walmart at 2am with a sorority sister or two just because it was there and open.

So, we had the teenagers with nothing better to do and the insane last minute shoppers with that wild eyed look to them.

Even though the parking lot was full up to the road, the Walmart gods were smiling on us and we found a parking spot right up front.  Once in the door, we nabbed a cart and set off on our shopping odyssey.

While we were looking for Tucker’s sister’s gift, this random woman started crowding our cart.  She leaned over the cart [where Cara was sitting] and then she shoved our cart out of her way.  Did I mention that my two year old was in the cart?!  Luckily, Cara was sitting in the actual buggy part of the cart so she didn’t get knocked down when the woman gave the cart a shove.  I glared at the bitch and then moved our cart.  The woman didn’t apologize; she sniffed at me.  Literally sniffed at me.  One of those “who the hell do you think you are” sniffs.

You should be very proud of me that I didn’t whack her up side the head.

We rushed around the store avoiding slow shoppers and annoying teenagers.  We got in a relatively short line and managed to get out of the place with no other issues.

So I guess after writing this it doesn’t sound that bad.  I guess that you just had to be there.  I left the place pissed off and still wanting to knock that woman with a fruit cake.

BUT, I didn’t.

That was the Christmas spirit in me.