Trying to Avoid the Walker

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I love it when I say that I’m going to do something and then something out of my control goes and throws a wrench in that something.

I was all like, “Hey shred video, I’m gonna kick your ass!” and so we did Workout 2. I screamed cried laughed at how horrible easy the workout was and was all set to do it again the next day.seif_knee-anatomy01

I was…but my right knee wasn’t.

I pulled something [probably my LCL-left collateral ligaments-refer to picture] and though it was painful to walk on, there wasn’t any swelling or redness.

I took a night off since my knee wasn’t having it. At one point, I got up and did the abs and arms with Tucker since I felt like not being a lazy ass. I put a heat wrap thing on my knee, took some Motrin and called it good.

When I got up this morning, my knee felt almost right as rain and Tucker and I did Workout 1 just a second ago.

I had to stop the jumping jacks and general bounciness due to more knee pain. Ole righty just wasn’t having it.

Now I do have some redness and there IS swelling and I feel like a bit of a chump.

Damn you, body and your desire to screw with me!

I guess it will be ab workouts and arm exercise for this chick until my knee can take some more of the punishment. As much as I want to loose this extra weight, the last thing that I want to do is tear a ligament and end up all gimpy for years to come.

I’m a bit too young for a walker.


I’m not blaming this knee injury on The 30 Day Shred. I take full responsibility for my inferior ligament. I’ve gotten a BUNCH of emails from people who are scared of the shred and I just want to say that while it’s hard work, it’s better than sitting on your ass and watching TV. And the knee anatomy pic came from: http://www.aclsolutions.com/images/Seif_knee%20anatomy01.jpg