My Kingdom for a Can of Bugspray

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Many of my dad’s “weekends” were spent at my paternal grandmother’s house.

Her house is surrounded by about two hundred acres of deep woods and I can remember many nights falling asleep to the music of cicadas and frogs. Still to this day, those sounds put me at ease and take me back to nights of being covered in old handmade quilts and warmth.

Apparently Cara does not have such positive associations with the sounds of the night.

After buying her a dream pillow and helping her decorate her room, Cara took a much needed nap. She didn’t fight too much and slept for about two hours.

I was convinced that her “sleep issues” were solved and found myself patting myself on my back since I was obviously a genius.

Then last night rolled around and the screaming started back up.

Cara was SO sleepy. She rubbed her tear filled eyes. She yawned in between wails but she refused to accept that she had to sleep in her room. She was terrified of her room. Of the noises outside her window.

After listening to her complaints and screams, Tucker finally went in Cara’s room to attempt to reason with Cara. To try and calm her. To try and get her to sleep.

I was in the living room working and was happy to not hear anything from Cara’s room. Happy until I saw Tucker come out of Cara’s room…carrying Cara.

Tucker had his phone on one shoulder and Cara on the other and he frantically called his parents to find out if he had acted like Cara at bedtime.

Apparently, once Tucker had calmed Care enough to pry a coherent sentence from her tiny mouth, Cara had explained that bugs were trying to get in her window. That bugs were trying to get her and she went as far as to try and pull up her sheet to show Tucker the bugs.

I seriously considered that she might have had a fucking break and was hallucinating.

No. I’m not kidding. It was that bad.

After Tucker got off of the phone with his folks and we tried putting Cara on the couch [which didn’t work] I finally went in to Cara and had to literally hold her legs down so that she couldn’t get out of her bed.

Did I feel like a good mother at that point?

Hell no.

Was I at my wit’s end as to how I was supposed to handle such a freak out?

You betcha.

I calmed Cara down again and asked her why she was so afraid. She started in about the bugs again as she frantically pointed at her window.

The next thing out of her mouth utterly dumbfounded me:

“Let me out of here! I can’t take it anymore! The bugs are coming to get me! It’s too loud in here!”

The “too loud” part is what made me go “what the fuck?”.

By this point, it was at least 10 pm and nothing was going on outside. I curled myself around Cara in her toddler bed and it was then that I could here the sounds of the night.

The cicadas out in the woods right outside of Cara’s window.

It was then that I remembered explaining to her, sometime last month, what “that noise” was. That it was the cicadas outside having a party and that they sleep during the day and play at night. At the time, she had been fine with the explanation and had been fine with their “singing”.

However, it seems that the combination of us being gone for several nights and the cicadas have become too much for her.

Bravo to me for freaking her out. But how the hell was I supposed to know that such a good explanation was going to come back and bite me in the sleepless ass?!

So tonight, Tucker is switching Ollie and Cara’s rooms. Ollie’s room faces the parking lot so hopefully Cara won’t be able to hear the cicadas and the frogs.

Hopefully, she won’t find her way back into our bed in the wee hours of the morning.

Hopefully, I won’t spend another night worrying about my daughters sanity…and we’ll all get some much needed sleep.