Technology Hates Me Today

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Today is the day when it seems like all of the technology in the house is conspiring against me.

Direct TV started acting up a couple of days ago.

Cara and Ollie would be watching some cartoon [and very much enjoying said cartoon, might I add] and the next thing I know, Cara is hollering about the channel changing. It was just changing to a black screen with music. Annoying but I could change it back by hitting “previous channel” twice.

What’s weird is that if I hit “info” the channel hadn’t actually changed but what was being shown on the channel had changed.

Then, today, Sesame Street started changing from Sesame Street to some Montel Williams infomercial. What. The. Hell?

After the fifth time of this happening [and it happened on other channels as well] I finally called Tucker and told him he needed to call Direct TV and get this crap straightened out since I was completely over hearing Cara gripe every time the channel changed.

OK. Cool. He was taking care of it.

BUT, and there’s always a but, for some reason when we first got Direct TV, the account had to be put in  my name and that meant Tucker couldn’t call and get help with tech issues until he and the rep called me and got my permission.

That’s old and annoying news but does pertain to one of today’s problems.

When Tucker called Direct TV and told them what was happening, they told him channels don’t change on their own and Tucker suspected the customer service person thought he was crazy. They also told him that they could only give him limited account information which is complete bullshit since I gave him total access MONTHS ago.

It’s gotten so bad that I’ve taught Cara how to hit “previous channel” twice so she can continue watching Max and Ruby. A tech is supposed to come out and check the box but they don’t know when that’ll be. ARG!

The other piece of technology that’s conspiring against me is my email. My email’s supposed to be my friend!!!

I have another appointment with my shrink and wanted Tucker to print some stuff off for me. It was a simple email containing 3 links and an attached Word document. I sent that thing to him THREE times and I think he finally got it. Maybe. I guess I’ll find out when he gets home.

And the coffee pot! If there is one piece of technology in this ENTIRE house that should be my bosom buddy, it is the coffee pot. Right now, I’m thinking about taking a cleaver to the damn thing.

I filled it up, had it all ready to go, pushed the bright red button so it would gift me with beautiful, hot coffee in a matter of minutes and the damn thing didn’t make me any coffee! I guess that’s what I get for not standing in front of it and micromanaging the whole process but I figured it was a big boy and could handle all that on its own. BLARG!

I did eventually get some coffee…after I unplugged the coffee pot, slapped it around a bit and then plugged it back in. I’m drinking that coffee right now and it tastes like satisfaction with a delightful bouquet of that’ll-teach-ya.