May Your Day Be Boring

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The first of the month for me is always the time when I coast; the end of the month is when I go insane since I’m a habitual procrastinator.

While the rush to the deadline sucks, the day after and the relief of having it done is usually more than enough payoff.

Today the goal of the day is to finally get back to writing on this book and at some point finish doing the amendment for our 2008 taxes. [Sorry, Cara. Didn’t mean to leave you off of last year’s taxes. Nothing personal. Promise.]

The satellite guy is supposed to show up between 1 and 6pm to fix our possessed satellite which, OF COURSE, didn’t change channels at all this entire weekend.

Not once.

I was just about to call Direct TV and tell them to cancel the service call but Special Agent Oso changed to MSNBC and we can’t be having that.

Saturday, while it was spitting snow and sleet, I bundled up the kids and we headed to Target. They were missing Tucker [who was in Memphis at Drill] and we all needed a change of scenery. Since Cara has become virtually obsessed with the concept of Valentine’s Day, I got her some crayons, construction paper and some scissors so she could make her dad a “surprise”.

A surprise she told him all about before he had left on Friday. Cara’s not so great at keeping secrets.

I’m tying up loose email ends right now and made Cara some “paper dolls”. Ollie’s asleep on the couch next to me and I need more coffee.

Thus far, it’s been a somewhat productive day.

AND, I finally got a couple of shots of Cara where she isn’t doing her weird gritted teeth smile thing.

Yay, for me.

The only thing that mildly sucks is that I’m sick, Ollie’s still sick and Cara still has a runny noise.

Cara and I tried to guilt Tucker into staying home from work and taking care of us but he was strong and went to work; it’s like he’s here though since he’s emailed me a million times.

That’s my¬†extremely uneventful day. I hope yours is equally boring. Minus the snot.

Images/Flicker and Amy Tucker