I’m Awake…That’s About It

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Being up super early is a double edged sword.

On the one…edge…I’m up and can’t go back to sleep so I might as well get the day’s work out of the way.

The other edge/side/whatever is I’ve been up [off and on] since 2am and I’m tired. I’m really, really tired. I’m tired enough that I could curl up into an Amy ball on the living room floor and fall asleep with no pillow or blanket – and it’s cold in here.

It’s cold in here because after several years of telling Tucker we should get a digital thermostat, he finally bought one yesterday and set it to 73 during the day and then 70 or 68 or something at night.

I’m wearing super sexy pink fuzzy maternity sweat pants [even though I’m not knocked up], a long sleeved shirt and socks and I NEVER wear socks. My nose is cold and even with the confounded socks, my feet are still cold.

I’m tired because for the past week [give or take a few days] Oliver has taken to waking up at 2am and then refusing to go back to sleep.


Oliver will go back to sleep if I bring him into our bed and let him nurse himself into oblivion.

The problem with that plan is I don’t get any sleep, my hips start hurting from being on my side for hours and dammit, I like sleeping without someone sucking on my boob! I’m sure you can understand.

Last night…this morning…however you want to classify it…Ollie woke up around 2:30. I went in and changed him and put him back into his crib and explained to him it was very late and he needed to go back to sleep. And he actually did. For two hours.

At 4am or some other ungodly early time, he was up again. I went in there, checked his diaper and he was just pissed. He wasn’t interested in my logic.

Since we’ve been doing Ferber and I’ve been “cheating” by bringing Ollie into bed with us when he would wake up, I decided today would be the day his butt stayed in his crib.

Oliver bitched and called for his dad from 4:30am till 5am at which time Tucker went in and got the boy. Did I mention we have neighbors above and beside us? We haven’t been confronted by them yet but after what happened with Cara while Tucker and I were at BlogHer, I know good and well our neighbors can probably hear Oliver when he’s being an ass.

Anyway, by about 5:30, everyone was awake.

Ollie’s still going strong after a itty bitty nap on the couch and Cara is crashed out next to me.

My big plan is to get work done here very soon and for both of these hooligans to actually take a nap and THEN, when they nap, I will too.

Cross your fingers, y’all.