Pillow Kitty Says Oliver Should Sleep More

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Why, yes! Yes this is another post about not getting a lot of sleep and it’s also a post where I whine about Oliver not sleeping.


Cause that’s the main thing coloring just about everything I think about these days.

To be fair to Tucker, instead of going for a run this morning, Tucker went in and a screaming Ollie out of the crib and took a cat nap on the couch – where [of course] Ollie fell fast asleep.

I’ve been playing a rousing game of “Let’s eliminate the reasons why Oliver keeps waking the hell up”.

For a while there, we were all sick and Ollie was getting Benadryl and Motrin right before bed and that made him a bit sleepy and we wondered if maybe he was waking up because the Motrin had worn off and he was all like “My head hurts”.

That theory doesn’t hold much water though since he would go back to sleep if we brought him into our room.

Next idea was that maybe the assholes upstairs were waking him up.

A couple of times when I would go into his room at 2am, I would hear an elephant tap dancing on Ollie’s ceiling and it would have pissed me off too if I had be awakened by the racket.

That theory was squashed when Tucker pointed out the fact that Cara makes all kinds of noise before she goes to sleep and it doesn’t keep Oliver up.

So now, I thought we were out of theories until Tucker pointed out that Oliver’s room is about 10 degrees colder than the rest of the apartment and since Oliver refuses to keep covers on him and he pulls his socks off, it would stand to reason the kid’s getting cold in the middle of the night.

The plan of attack tonight is to bump the heat up a bit and see if that keeps his butt asleep [because butts need lots of sleep]. I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s not going to work since by now, this whole waking up crap has become a habit.

I’m currently reading sections of Dr. Ferber’s book that I never had to read with Cara – the parts dealing with nighttime wakings.

Though Cara was [and kind of still is] an epic sleep fighter, once she was asleep, she was out until about 7am. Her brother is the exact opposite.

We’re in uncharted territory with Oliver and I think it’s funny [and annoying] how different two kids from the same family, who are raised in the same environment, can be so completely different.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to write about how much sleep we all got and about how Oliver slept through the entire night – for the first time in his life.

*crosses fingers*