Fulfilled Expectations Make Me Sleepy

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Ask and ye shall¬†receive¬†and stuff, y’all.

Yesterday went just like any normal day. Breakfast, lunch, nap [Ollie. Not me.], Tucker home from work and then dinner.

After that, I worked for a little bit while Tucker bathed the kids. At some point, I lay down on the couch and the entire room started spinning. I guess the ear infection that had been threatening to become a doozy had finally put its big boy pants on.

Tucker brushed teeth and the last thing I remember for a while is Tucker, Ollie and Cara sitting in the floor in front of me as Tucker read a “princess” story to Cara and Ollie. Yeah, I was asleep before 8pm. I’m awesome.

Damn ear infection can take its big boy pants and get the hell gone already.

I don’t know if Ollie took pity on his sick mother or if it was a fluke, but Oliver slept until 4am this morning. Tucker changed Ollie’s diaper, Oliver went back to sleep and then was back up at 5am which is when I just went ahead and got up for the day.

Ollie slept for eight hours-probably for the first time ever-and I suppose I have to begrudgingly admit I DID get more done between 5 and 7am then I normally get done between 8am and 1pm. I got what I was hoping for, right?

And how crappy of me is it that now I want him to sleep till 7am? Fine. Fine! I’ll try to be happy with what I have. I just don’t know how happy I am with the idea of ME going to bed at 8pm.