Cloak and Dagger Post

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This is one of those posts that will probably be annoying to you since it’s all “I’m going to talk about something but I’m not going to really give you too many details since I don’t want to screw myself over”.

But, it’s also one of those posts I have to write since I need to get it off my chest.

Also, Oliver slept almost all the way through the night last night – like from 7:30pm till 4:30am and then he went back to sleep till 6am. Rockin!


Let’s play the game of hypotheticals.

Everything I say from this point forward takes place in a hypothetical world and let’s call the chick Bamy, shall we?

Bamy has written for a place for several years and feels a bit of loyalty to the place. Maybe a lot of loyalty since she’s been with them for so long. Sometimes Bamy thinks the loyalty might be misplaced.

Bamy’s been with the company through at least three major restructurings and luckily, she wasn’t canned restructured .

One thing that always made Bamy feel good about working with the company was it had a good reputation and was about as transparent as a company can be. There was a sense of a relationship there. Does that make sense? Bamy felt 100% comfortable randomly chatting with the bigwigs as she did with the “underlings”.

Now, more changes have happened and while Bamy has been brought along on the proverbial journey, she has this niggling feeling that either the train is about to crash or she’s about to get booted from said metaphorical train.

Bamy’s all about riding a train [let’s just keep this hypothetical metaphor going] till it crashes since that train helps pay some of Bamy’s family’s bills but Bamy also knows she won’t be working for this company for the rest of her life and she want to maintain at least some of the meager reputation she’s built.

So Bamy is now at the railroad crossing of life. That makes no sense. I’m done with the train metaphor.

Bamy doesn’t know if she should jump off the sinking ship [Damn. Another metaphor.] before it crashes and burns [Shut up. Ships can crash.] or if she should ride this train till the track ends. Didn’t I say I was done with that metaphor. Oops.

What would you do? Would you keep doing what you’re doing and hope for the best or would you run like a scalded dog?

Leave your thoughtful and hypothetical comments below.