BlissReads FTW

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So on that silly cryptic post, I mentioned I’m curating for BlissReads and I know some of you are wondering what curating even means.

If you’ve heard of Holy Kaw! – an offshoot of Alltop – then you know what I’m talking about. Mashable does some similar stuff though they seem to be focusing more on articles.

What’s different about BlissReads is it’s done all by women and normally I am NOT the “girl power” kind of girl but I’ve met some cool chicks in this group.

Example of a curated post: Walmart Offers 16GB iPhone 3GS For $97. Normally there’s text to pull from the original piece but there was just a sentence on that post so I had to make it all up.

Curation is basically seeing something you think is cool and then pulling a bit from the original piece and adding your thoughts to it and publishing it with citation back to the original source.

I worked on a video for Alli – actually she made the presentation and then I put it together.

Way back when I worked in radio, I owned the freakin’ mixing board and helped put together commercials but that was radio. This was [obviously] video and can I just say, “Hello, learning curve!”

I used Sony Vegas Pro 8 which is like Windows Movie Maker’s really brawny older brother. That older brother who always took all the dorky kids’ lunch money. Yeah. THAT guy.

At any rate, the video is done and I made about 500 cuts – not joking – but I’m happy with the video…even if it is a bit quick. Just put on your speed reading glasses and you should be fine.

Hope y’all like it cause I worked my ass off to get it done.