Positive I’m Up Way Too Early and We’re All Getting Sick

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You won’t read this right after I publish it because I’m writing it at a quarter till five since Ollie woke up thirty minutes ago and was wide awake.

Reenie-Just Reenie

Wide awake and burning up.

Since I set my coffee pot to around 6am, I didn’t have coffee once I got Ollie situated on the couch with his sweet tea–Splenda sweet tea and that kid’s developing a heck of a habit.–and Spiderman cartoons. When I went to turn on the coffee pot, I found a Ziploc bag on the counter of salt pork…that had been out all night. When I went to turn on the light above the stove, the light blew and left me seeing stars. When I got back to the living room, the TV was–still is–making this horrible buzzing noise. I can’t see any rhyme or reason to the buzzing but it’s loud enough it drowns out the volume of the TV.

But I’m staying positive!

I have my coffee now and nothing’s gonna keep me down. Except maybe this crud that’s taking over. Alana and her family’s supposed to come over tomorrow. I don’t wanna be sick.


I’m positive everyone here’s getting sick–even if Tucker swears up and down he’s impervious to sickness.

I’m positive this TV’s going to drive me mad if it doesn’t stop this buzzing.

I’m positive this chocolate Pop-Tart isn’t nearly as gross as I assumed it would be. Kind of like eating a flat chocolate cupcake, really.

I’m positive this is some damn good coffee.

Wow. This positive stuff really does work.

Maybe I can positive my way out of a cold?