My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2010

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I had some pretty good posts in my favorites from 2009 and I was nervous about going through this year’s archives; I don’t remember this year being monumental with regards to content.

But I found some not so bad stuff. There are some months where I’m including a couple of posts and there are a couple of months where I was lucky to find anything worth including.

Maybe you’ve read these before. Maybe you haven’t. These are the posts I liked the best; I hope you like them as well.

My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2010

  1. What If?About Elizabeth Gilbert, inspiration and the ultimate open ended question. Includes Gilbert’s Ted Talk video.
  2. The Fight You Must FightThe fight being the one for your life. The fight against the voice that tells you to kill yourself.
  3. Political Fairness is All I WantWhere I go off on a Twitter inspired political rant.
  4. Is American Culture to Blame for Bad Schools? Exactly what the title says and you should read the comments.
  5. 6 Things You Probably Already Knew About CatsEven if you hate cats, the animated gifs and videos rock.
  6. March Against Pit Bull DiscriminationA neighbor’s chihuahua was being an ass and it inspired yet another rant.
  7. Sh*t My Daughter Says Not quite sure what got into Cara but the story one is my favorite.
  8. A Story of a Broom and OpossumsA herd of opossums is a crime against nature.
  9. The Wilderness DowntownMaybe I wrote something way cooler in August but this website was/is cool as hell.
  10. Toys Out the Window – Literally The kids thought it would be a fab idea to toss all of Cara’s toys out of her window.
  11. Blogging Isn’t Real Life – I don’t think this turned out as profound as I had intended. Still true, nonetheless.
  12. Frisbee Owl Says Toddler Walking into Wall is Funny Ollie ran into a wall and there’s a cool owl animated gif.
  13. Logical Burger KingCara uses her logical reasoning.
  14. The Mothers’ Bill of RightsEven as I wrote this, I knew none of these things would ever happen.