Clean Boob of Health

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Ductogram was this morning and I suspect years of breastfeeding came in handy as I felt next to nothing.

Though the contrast did make me wonky for about fifteen minutes afterwards.

I had one of the coolest radiologist evah–I’ve known a lot of radiologists in my time from when I worked at Mayo so I can say dude was exceptionally cool.–and though my duct wasn’t being very cooperative, the doc and I had a grand time talking about Memphis and books we liked.

After the contrast was injected, I was given the gift to two very pinchy mammograms and the doc showed me my scans. All clear, yo!

If I have any more bleeding then I’ll have to have a MRI but at this point, my boob is in tip-top shape.

Then I came home and was mobbed by the kids and the dog and things went right back to normal.

I kind of dig normal.