Writers Are Like Power Ninjas!

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Power button

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The whole thing started with me talking to Heather about something or other on Skype which led me to this post about awesome stuffed pork chops which then led me to this post about not cleaning up enough–shocker!–which then led me to this post about self-doubt and writing and all the fun stuff that comes with that.[1]

Remembering the video from that last post made me remember a conversation Tucker and I had a couple of nights ago when we were watching The Middle or Modern Family. Both are shows we can identify with on some level and both have solid writing. We were laughing through a commercial and talking about the last lines that we loved…we were those annoying people who recite the lines and then cackle about them.

That right there? That is power.

Writing something so awesome that you inspire two random people to talk about what you wrote and to replay it a couple of times and to talk about it. And to laugh. Lots of laughs. And it doesn’t have to be laughter. It can be tears. Tears are as powerful. Or anger. Getting someone really pissed off is almost as powerful.

Probably the only people who ever think of writers as powerful are writers themselves.

We’re like power ninjas!

Or something.

The point is that words really do have power and the whole “sticks and stones” thing is utter crap–anyone who’s been teased can tell you that. The goal of a writer is to harness all that power and mold it into the shape the writer has envisioned.

Pretty simple, huh?

  1. [1]If you haven’t clicked on any of the pictures below the posts where it says, “You’ll like these too:” then I suggest you start. That’s how I found these.