Amy the Ironless and/or Amy the Rambler

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Image | Thomas Hawk

There were a lot of things I was thinking about writing today: how KmartGamer is no more…or it might just be on a break, how I’m a New Person person for Blissdom this year and how that scares the shit out of me but I know it’ll be gravy once I get to Blissdom and about how I’m starting to suspect that this malaise has more to do with the fact I can’t find my iron pills and less about being crazy than I thought.

Just call me Amy the Ironless.

And I need to pick that damn book-in-progress back up and get to work but I’ve put it off for a coon’s age cause I have to start at the beginning and fix what I broke but didn’t realize was broken and it’s not something I can just hold off on and start right now and THEN go back and fix it because it would bug me. And that all made complete since to me. What? You can’t keep up? Old school roller skates are the way to go.

But when I get right down to it, I just don’t feel like writing. So I’m just going to ramble since that’s what I excel at doing.

So maybe instead of calling me Amy the Ironless you should call me Amy the Rambler?



Just pick one of those and go with it.

To complete this post of random proportion, watch this video. My favorite line?

“Don’t knead your dough too much cause that leads to co-dependency.”

And we all slept until almost 10.

Hasta Velveeta, y’all.