I’m a Community Leader At Blissdom and This Is Why You Should Tag Along with Me

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Image | Jenny Lee Silver

So Blissdom is like a month or so away and I’m finally writing my post. Don’t judge. It’s been a hard week…or month…it’s been HARD!


I started my Blissdom Twitter list last night.

It took some doin’.


I may be TOO proud of myself but I feel I deserve the pride. This was my first list! Be proud of me!

So I’m one of the Blissdom Community Leaders and my “niche” is as a New Person person. I know there’s a technical/official term for the folks who should look me up but that’s eluding me at this present moment.

Basically, find me if you’ve never been to Blissdom and/or you’ve never been to a conference. I’ve been the “new girl” at a conference before. I know how it feels to think no one wants to talk with you. To feel like everyone’s giving you that look; you know the one I’m talking about.

I also know what it’s like to go to an ENORMOUS conference and be completely overwhelmed. The only difference between the little conferences and the big ones is you have more people to meet at the big ones. More people to get to interact with..more people to really get to know.

Cause that’s what conferences are about.

Here’s my video at E3 this year. I say “hands-on” way too many times but I was THERE and I met so many awesome folks.

E3 had +47k people. I managed to make it through without a mental breakdown. If I can do something like that, believe me when I say you can too!

Blissdom, for me, is a place I can go where I know folks and can feel “safe.” I know that sounds dumb, but it’s true. There are so many folks there who are right where you are. Chicks who are just starting out. Chicks who have been doing this blog thing for as long as I have. Chicks who you can learn from. Chicks who you can prop up when they need it.

Remember, even if you’re “new” you can make someone’s day just by saying, “Hi!” The little things are what really matter at a conference where everyone else is just as scared as you are. Promise.

So you’re wondering it you should follow me on Twitter and tag along at Blissdom?

A few things you should probably know about me:

  • I have ADD. Like really. Shiny? That’s me. Don’t be surprised if I start a sentence and then come back to it 15 minutes later when you’ve completely forgotten the conversation. Just ask Heather Solos. She’ll vouch for me. Poor Heather.
  • I’m bouncy. Think Tigger. “The wonderful thing about Amys, is Amys are wonderful things.”
  • I drink. Alcohol. If that’s not cool with you, there are TONS of other awesome chicks to pair yourself with. I’m not saying that’s the only thing I do cause that’s just not true but I’m going to be imbibing at the social functions and I know that will turn some of you off.
  • My eyebrow is pierced. While this may seem like a minor detail, again, I get some of you aren’t cool with that.
  • I curse. Not all the time. Maybe not even part of the time but there are times when it just feels right and I do and you should know that.
  • I’m not cool with the cold shoulder and/or the “holier than thou” act. You get me with all my honesty and brashness. I DO possess the art of tact but there are times when things just get to me. I don’t like confrontation so it’s not like I’m going to go all “after school” on someone but that kind of behavior just gets my goat. I hope you’ll understand.
  • I’m a gamer and love just about everything pertaining to video games. If you have questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.
  • I also know quite a bit about web design and the geek side of things. Again, you have questions? I have answers. “Grabbing the code” might sound scary but it’s easy as pie.

If I haven’t scared you off by now, feel free to follow me on Twitter: TheAmyTucker. Twitter is how I keep up with most people and probably how I’ll keep up with you. Maybe I’ll even start my own hashtag? #NoobAmyTucker, anyone? heh I crack myself up.

I look forward to helping you navigate the many halls of the Opryland Hotel [Hint: It’s all about the carpet patterns.] and the many awesome sessions.

I can’t wait to meet y’all!