Ukulele Orchestra Video Made of Awesome

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Everyone has their way of winding down from the day.

Cara and Ollie like to freak the hell out for no reason cause they get punchy when they get tired so they wind down by driving us crazy.

Sophie does this weird slurpy, licking thing and it’s just…yeah. Sophie, stop that?

I sit on the back porch once the kids are in bed and have a drink, smoke and read a book and/or read blogs and news sites.

Tucker’s outlet is YouTube.

If I really cared–and wasn’t lazy–I’d go back and count how many videos I’ve posted here because Tucker sent me a link.

I was sitting on the porch working on a post and got an email from Tucker–who was in the house on YouTube–with the subject: The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain.

The body of the email?


He was so, so right.

standing ovation gif