When Just About Everything In Our House Fell Apart

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This has been a very destructive and expensive bit of time.

The navigator in my SUV goes all wonky sometimes and decides to run off of battery power instead of its adapter. When it does that, it goes big time dead. The kind of dead where you have to take it out of the SUV and plug it up inside. It’s quite the drama queen.

I think it was Thursday when it decided to be a jerk so I’ve been without my happy little map since then.

Thursday night I broke the toilet.

Sunday we bought a new toilet.

Cara and Ollie toilet shopping

And it didn’t fit.

And Tucker pulled the trim off the side of my SUV. With our house.

Tucker wrecked my truck.

But we finally got a toilet that fits and I can’t believe I love a toilet so much. Be proud I haven’t named him. Yet.

Our new toilet.

Yesterday Ollie was having a great run on Plants vs. Zombies when Steve the PS3 froze. He froze, beeped a couple of times, shut off and blinked red at me with much attitude.

Poor Steve.

I recorded the video, grabbed my cup of coffee, made my way to our bedroom where our new tower lives and plopped down to get some work done. I switched on the monitor…and nothing happened. I checked and double checked to make sure the thing was plugged up. It should have had power; I even changed outlets.

No love.

By that point I had finished my coffee so I went to make another cup before I called and bitched to Tucker.

I was out of coffee.

You’re kidding, right? Talk about the moldy cherry on the crap sundae, guys.

I called Tucker and complained a bunch and told him I was going to McDonald’s. Screw all this broken stuff! I’m getting some coffee! And they have Pumpkin Spice Lattes which are almost as good as Starbucks so there is that.

I drove Ollie and me to McDonald’s, ordered some breakfast, a black coffee and a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

When I got to the window to grab our stuff, the manager came to the window and informed me they had discontinued the Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Those people let me order and pay and they got my hopes ALL UP and then dashed all my hopes and dreams.

It was a heck of a day.

What I find amazing is through all of this destruction and malfunction, I was in an incredibly good mood. Ask Mom. She’ll tell you.

Then again, when everything’s going to shit, you just have to laugh, right?