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I’m hot.


Erupting VolcanoYes, I am sweating. Yes, Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull refuses to remove her geriatric self from the tile floor. Yes, everyone is at everyone else’s throats. It is tons of fun up in here.

I’ve been so proud of us for not turning the air conditioner on before last night and when I finally succumb to all of the complaints?

The thing’s busted.


sweating like a sinner in church

What makes it all the more painful is the fact this house is less than three years old…as is the Carrier unit. Then again, it’s still under warranty so I figure things could be worse, right?

I want to go camping. Now.

Retro campingThe heat trapped in this house–even with all of the windows open and the fans running–make me wish for the woods. Even with the mosquitoes. And the fact the kids will get filthy. Remember the last time we went camping? I’m pretty sure I scrubbed soot and dirt off of them for like two weeks or something. Point? I want to go camping. Immediately.

Good news? Tucker and I made tentative plans with our neighbors down the street to go with them. The total number of mammals to be included in the trip: ten. Scott and Val have three kids ages six, four and eleven months. Then Tucker and I would be bringing ourselves, Cara, Ollie and Sophie the Wonder Pit Bull. Madhouse, much? And one hell of a blast. I’m craving the camping to such an extent that I made a Pinterest board for camping gear so I don’t forget stuff I want. I’ve got it bad, y’all.

I got me a new gig, yo.

I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this or not–Guess I could go back and look, huh?–but I’m officially the Editor In Chief of Project FrontBurnr.

Andy dancing in the elevator gif

Feel free to sign-up for our beta and check out our gaming blog since it has tons of awesome original content and we’re diligent about posting aggregated gaming content/news. And follow our Pinterest board. I pin as me and the site and then Josh’s wife also pins. There’s tons of rockin’ stuff there and I’d hate for you to miss that much awesome.

Reading. Riting. Rithmetic.

Cara is no longer in kindergarten. They’re actually going to let the kid into first grade…silly, silly people. Don’t they know she will soon rule the world if they continue to learn her brain things?

Ollie got into Cara’s school’s pre-k program. Guess the school is now Cara AND Ollie’s school. Any who.

Now those poor, poor teachers will have two of them roaming the school’s halls.

Cosby facepalm


I’ve been all healthy and stuff; I’m shocked, too.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook, you’re well acquainted with pictures of me all flushed and sweaty. [You have the mind of a 12 year old boy and should be ashamed of yourself.]

TheAmyTucker after a run.

This is when I stuffed the thing in my SUV. I was impressed with myself. You should be impressed, too.

Treadmill stuffed in a SUV

Come on! Be impressed!

Actually, more impressive than me getting that honkin’ thing into my SUV is I’ve actually BEEN USING IT!

Forest Gump running gif

Other than when I’ve injured myself [Never would have guessed I’d like this running thing.] I’ve been running three times a week for quite a while. I can wear cute clothes now. This makes me quite happy.

I feel like I’ve been cheating on you since I haven’t talked about it but I sure don’t want to turn this into a fitness site or some silliness. Check out my Daily Mile profile if you’re interested in what’s up. Sometimes I write more than just, “It’s HOT IN MAH GARAGE!” Sometimes.

All done.

I don’t think I’ve left out anything.

That pleases me.

Dancing Batman and Robin

zooey deschanel agree gif