Cable and a Black Stump

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It’s Christmas in September!

I’m not joking.

Mom called me Sunday to talk about an idea that she had for Christmas.  I was under the assumption that she was talking about where we were going to be for Christmas but it turned out that she meant a gift idea for Tucker and me.

Cable, bitches!  Woot!  Woot!  [I don’t really say “woot, woot”…it just seemed like the right thing to say.

Mom’s paying for cable for six months and then we’ll either cancel it [yeah, right] or take over the payments.

This couldn’t have come at a better time since we got one of those handy, dandy converter box things along with a new antenna and the bastards wouldn’t pick up CRAP!  Or, they would pick up several channels and we would get all excited and twenty minutes later [right as it’s getting to the good part] we would loose the signal.

Right now, without the digital box that we’re getting tomorrow, we get 76 channels.  When we get the digital box, we’ll have over 300 channels and HBO.  Who needs over 300 channels?!

I guess that I technically don’t need 300 channels but it’s sure nice to have them.

On an annoying note, we have to go get a splitter today since I can’t use the internet and have the cable enabled TV on at the same time.

Oliver’s check up is today.

We went like three days after he was born and he had lost a pound of weight so his kickass pediatrician wanted to see him back today to make sure that Oliver’s gained back to his birth weight.

This appointment couldn’t have come on a better day since I changed Oliver’s diaper this morning and saw some blood on his diaper from his cord stump [blech].  I’m pretty sure that it was just normal discharge and probably not blood but it still freaks me the hell out and I want the stupid thing to fall off.

@ Elizabeth – We use Pampers Swaddlers size 1.  The NB diapers don’t fit him right and he fills them in like two seconds.

I had a bunch of things to write about last night when I was in bed.  Maybe I should start keeping a notepad on my bedside table.