Adiós Nasty Cord Stump Thing

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Just got back from Oliver’s appointment.

Oliver was nine pounds and one ounce when he was born.

At his three day appointment, Oliver had dropped to eight pounds and something.

Today, the man child weighs nine pounds and thirteen ounces.  I must say that I am not only proud of Oliver for figuring out the whole breastfeeding thing but I’m also proud of my boobs.  High five to you both…or you three [?]…then again, I guess my boobs don’t really have hands.


Virtual high five to Oliver and my boobs.

I mentioned the blood/cord thing this morning.  Looks like I was right about it being blood.  [Retch!]

While the pediatrician was examining Oliver, the cord decided to detach and apparently not all of his cord had healed.  SO, he got treated with silver nitrate and I was told to not bathe him for a week to make sure that everything dries up and gets happy.

Ya know, cause belly buttons have emotions and stuff.

When the pediatrician first came in the room, I was feeding Oliver on a couch in the examination room.

I noticed that an intern followed our pediatrician in but didn’t look at the guy cause I was busy and had just noticed some green nastiness on my shirt from Ollie’s stump.

Anyway, I finally pulled the kid off and handed him over to our pediatrician.

I told Tucker to stand in front of Oliver since I needed to “fix myself” and had started pulling up my shirt to readjust everything before I began to turn around.  I know for a fact that nipple was flashed but when it comes to a medical facility I figure that they can just deal.

After boob was secured back in my tank, I turned my attention back to Oliver and glanced at the intern.

I went to high school with the intern.

Before I even stopped to think about it I pointed at him and said, “Hey!  How are YOU?!  Did you see my boob?”

I embarrassed the shit out of him.

Seriously made my day.


Yesterday I got my Baby Hawk in and I LOVE it.

The fabric rawks my socks off and it is by far the most comfortable baby carrier I’ve ever used.  I got some odd looks when we went to Target yesterday and on our way into the doc’s office, but I do live in Dry County, Arkansas and the majority of people we encounter haven’t heard of transporting their kids by any other means than a travel system.