Wake the Hell Up Boot Camp

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The last time I had to wake up at the same time everyday was when I worked at the Mayo Clinic.

Do you have any idea how long ago that was?

Cara will be six in November. I quit Mayo as soon as I found out I was pregnant with her. It’s been a while, folks. Quite a while.

This week is like Wake the Hell Up boot camp for the kids and me. Neither Ollie or Cara ever went to daycare or attended preschool so we got up when we woke up and had breakfast and did our thing.

Cara has to be at school by 8am. I now have to wake up when Tucker leaves so I have time for a cup of coffee and maybe a shower. I’m going to have to wake up the kids. We’re going to have an actual routine. I’m only going to have one kid at home.

Cara starts kindergarten next Monday.

This is going to be so weird.

Image / Alan Cleaver