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I’m not sure how much this counts as a “diary entry” as much as it’s kind of a news/what’s been happening kind of thing.

I have a job.

I don’t remember if I announced over here that Josh from Kmart Gamer fame asked me to be the Editor in Chief for his new startup which we’re currently calling Project Frontburnr.

Leonardo DiCaprio Fuck Yeah

I’m not even going to lie, the idea of being in charge of something that has the potential to be freakin’ huge is a scary ass, intimidating thing. Pretty sure I’m not supposed to admit it’s intimidating.

Princess and the Frog

I currently have three posts up over at our blog. I’m particularly partial to the Metacritic post.

 I took some videos and they’re awesome.

I had thought I would make each of these videos into their own posts but I’m just not feeling it anymore. If you follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, you’ve probably already seen these.

dr who sorry

The End