My Favorite Posts on Taste Like Crazy from 2012

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2012 has come to a close and now we're on to 2013. I can vividly remember it being 1990. I feel quite old all of a sudden. We've been in the house a year now. Cara started school. Tucker's almost done with his. I got offered a job. I found my biological mother and siblings. ...

Crappy Coffee and Shooting

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From my Facebook page this morning: After the millionth surgery on the Keurig, it's dead to me. Tried to make coffee on the stove in a pan. Fail. Don't be taken in by the yummy looking coffee; this tastes like dirty water. NaNoWriMo and I have broken up. I'm bummed I'm not going to complete the challenge but there ...

Happy Last Day of Being Five, Cara!

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Sunset 11.2.12

Today is the last day of Cara being five. This is the bag Mom bought Cara for her birthday tomorrow. Cara has decided she's going to use the bag as her backpack. Tomorrow is her party; we're having it at the local hands-on science center. We're paying for it but the package includes the cake and ...

NaNoWriMo Day One Halloween and the Halloween Wreath

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Today was the first day of NaNoWrimo and I'm pretty sure I done good. I met my writing goal for the day--2k words--and identified a bunch of holes I missed. Like three important characters that didn't have names and two organizations that also didn't have names. I fixed the people naming issue but the organizations are ...

NaNoWriMo 2012: Let’s Write and Be Awesome

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I've been sitting on almost 30,000 words of a book for the past year. I know I need to go back in and add some stuff to the beginning and I'm lazy and then have a tendency to edit because I feel I need to reread what I have written so I'm familiar with the ...