Make Homemade Sidewalk Chalk

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Make homemade sidewalk chalk!

My kids consider any temperature above arctic to be perfect for playing outside and one of their favorite activities is to create epic masterpieces with sidewalk chalk on our driveway. The days have been in the 50s and 60s around here and that means it's chalk time. The problem we run into is, even when we buy the ...

Lawyer Readers? Free Hypothetical Wreck Advice? Not About Me. Nope.

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No parking anytime

Who feels like giving--free--legal advice for a hypothetical situation. Hypothetical because this SO didn't happen to me today. At. All. MY FRIEND--totally not me--stopped by the gas station outside of Walmart to grab a drink. She parked in front of the kiosk thing and left her kids in the car while she ran a short distance away. The ...

Ollie Broke Himself. Kind Of.

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Once it was all done, Ollie wanted a picture taken so he could look at his "snitches."

Before Tucker left, he joked about having to spend a week fixing all the stuff the kids and I broke while he was gone. Bet he wasn't expecting me to break a kid. OK. So I didn't break Ollie. Ollie broke himself. Well...I guess the chair broke Ollie but Ollie caused it so it's his fault. Right? You know ...

Single Mom for a Bit

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Tucker sets sail on a jet plane today for places far away. I know I got off easy when I was a Navy wife. Tucker was never deployed and the longest I was away from him--other than Boot--was when he did an AT in Key West for two weeks; I was a very lucky military wife. Does that mean ...

I Don’t Know What To Title This Other Than Receptionists at Shrinks’ Offices Should Have a Sense of Humor

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I discovered yesterday that I had overlapping appointments with my counselor and my shrink for today. Called and got the shrink rescheduled for a later time. Told the receptionist she was a "life saver." Me: "Wait! I don't mean like LITERALLY a life saver! Don't tell him I said that! I just mean you really helped me out!" Her--sounding rather ...

Cara’s Official Letter from the Tooth Fairy

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Note from Tooth Fairy

Tuesday I picked Cara up from school minus a front tooth. She had pulled it in the bathroom--and didn't even cry--and then promptly lost the thing. This put Tucker and me in a spot since we didn't have a tooth for the "Tooth Fairy" to retrieve and then replace with money. Wednesday was Cara's class's book fair day. ...

Get Happy and Room Cleaning Hipsters

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This is what happens when we send the kids to clean their rooms and the playroom: they put on strange outfits and demand to have their pictures taken. Though they look cute and ridiculous, they suck at picking up. Between Tucker and me, I bet we've made at least fifteen trips back to their areas. Each time ...


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I'm not sure how much this counts as a "diary entry" as much as it's kind of a news/what's been happening kind of thing. I have a job. I don't remember if I announced over here that Josh from Kmart Gamer fame asked me to be the Editor in Chief for his new startup which we're currently calling Project ...

SimCity Beta First Impressions

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The last time I played a SimCity game, I think the computer was running Windows 3.0 or something and I couldn't figure out the game. Cut me some slack...I was seven. SO there was a bit of a learning curve for me when I first started playing with the beta. I was very, very good at creating ...

Diary Entry 1.24.13

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Matron's Diary

Today I meet my new shrink for the first time. This visit is most likely more needed than me continuing with talk therapy. Hell, I only went to that because Tucker suggested I talk to someone before I went off my old medication. I've been off those long enough now that I'm definitely back to baseline. And ...